Prospective members and train ups:

Anyone may be a member of OPPS.  However, in order to compete in monthly club matches, other than being a paid member, one must have completed an OPPS specific train-up and have documentation stating so.  In order to be a voting member, one must complete a train-up and also complete 3 club matches.  These Train-Ups take place before certain club matches.  They are instructor led activities that are taught by either current officers, past officers, or experienced shooters from our club.  Safety is the main topic.  There are many tips on rifle handling, not only generic but also how to safety maneuver different barricades or props that we are forced to shoot off of.  When and when not to close bolt handle or make rifle hot.  Tips on zeroing, wind reading, steadiness before shot, etc.  Dates of train-ups are usually scheduled at least 2 weeks prior to date.  Not all club matches offer a train-up beforehand. 

Memberships are $100/year.  One must be a current NRA member to join OPPS.  Our membership cap is 175. 

Prospective members must fill out an application that can be received from a club officer. 

As stated in our Bylaws:  “By submitting your application and paying your dues you are now a probationary member. Per our bylaws you are required to attend a new member train up and shoot a total of 3 club matches prior to becoming a full member. Please have a club officer or the match director sign off on this form and when complete return to the club secretary.

Please include match location and have the RO sign off on your club matches.