The Oklahoma Practical Precision Shooters Club will endeavor to promote the safe and sportsmanlike use of firearms.  Our goal is to offer competition, instruction, safe use of firearms, and to grow the sport of competitive shooting.  The Oklahoma Practical Precision Shooters Club will endeavor to present at all times a positive image of firearms to the community.  

The members of OPPS help to make 2 Precision Rifle Series (PRS) matches in Oklahoma very successful year after year.  Match Director’s for the ‘OPPS Shoot for the Green’ in March and ‘The Heat Stroke Open presented by Schmidt & Bender in July are avid club members and the majority of the range officers for each of these events are members of OPPS.

Club Matches:

Club matches are held monthly throughout the year.  (The exception is November and sometimes December as this is hunting season and we skip)  These matches are put on by members volunteering their time, property, and targets in order to let our members enjoy a day of shooting.  Number of contestants varies by location and time of year, but we have consistently had between 30 and 50 at each match for the past year or so. 

These matches are not open to the public.  A competitor must be a paid member of OPPS for said year, completed a documented OPPS Train Up,  and in good standing.  There are no exceptions to this rule.  At these club matches, the minimum cost to participate is $10.  By just paying the $10 going to the match director, one is not eligible for any payout at the end of the day or season club points, regardless of how well they shoot.  To be eligible for ‘day money’ and season club points, one must pay a $60 entry fee.  $25 of this goes to day money for days match payout, $25 will be put aside for year-end prize money and $10 to the match director.

Club Finale

OPPS will host a club finale to determine our Year end champions.  This will most likely occur in September or early October at the latest.  During the competition year, $25 from each day money paid shooter, from each club match has been set aside foryear-end prize money. 

Not all members can compete in the club finale.  To enter, one must have competed and paid the $60 entry fee in at least 3 club matches throughout the calendar year. 

Entry fees will still be required for club finale.