Business Meeting

Hello Ladies & Gentleman, 

It has been a busy winter so far and we wanted to get some information out to everyone.

First off, just as in the years past you will have until January 31st to pay your OPPS dues. If you do not pay them by January 31st you will forfeit your spot as a member and will go on the waiting list to rejoin if there is one present. 

Dues are $100 and should be mailed to:

Justin Shireman

3612 Frisco Ranch Dr.

Yukon, OK. 73099


Do Not try to pay Adam Roberts this year. 


The OPPS business meeting is scheduled for Saturday January 20th @ 5:00 PM in Edmond Oklahoma.

We plan to cater a meal for everyone attending so if you get a survey in the near future asking if you are attending please respond.

Special Thanks to Members Tyler Lister & Jim Paul Brown the meeting will be held at:

MLB Consulting 

3075 Willowood Road

Edmond, Oklahoma 73034  

At this time all the current club officers are willing to serve another year with the exception of Adam Roberts who has served as the clubs treasurer since its inception. Thank You Adam for all of you help in that position!

Just FYI, Geordie Jamarik has expressed interest in the treasurer position but we will be taking nominations for this position & will be voting  that same night.

If there is anyone who would like to nominate or run for the other officer positions this will be done at this meeting as we will vote to accept all Officers for the 2018 year.

At this time the 2018 Club Match Schedule has not been ironed out yet but rest assured you will be notified of Club Match Dates when they become available.

Merry Christmas to each & everyone one of you and your families!